Forest Recreation

Thompson Pack Trail

The Thompson Pack Trail is a 4.7 km (one-way) trail that parallels and meanders along Sullivan Creek. This trail takes you through beautiful cedar-hemlock forests that boast an abundant and diverse population of fungi. This mainly shaded trail provides hikers with relief from the sun, making this a wonderful summer hike. This trail was originally built to transport supply up to the Thompson Forestry Lookout Tower. This tower was used seasonally and was used as a fire lookout. Due to it’s proximity to town and great singletrack, this trail provides excellent opportunity for trail running or mountain biking. This trail has two different access points:

1. From the end of Vance Road through the CCF’s newest fuel mitigation blocks
2. From the 2km marker on the Mount Thompson FSR

The CCF’s trail crew have recently upgraded this trail, which included brushing out the understory, some regrading of the trail, and the construction of two new bridges along Sullivan Creek! Keep an eye out for the crew’s handy work on the upper bridge, which was constructed using only hand-tools. Maps coming soon!