Forest Recreation

Proposed Trails (2019)

The CCF has been working diligently this summer to establish new hiking and mountain biking trails within the Mount Thompson trail network.

There are three new trails that are to be established within the Thompson trail system, and will connect with some of the pre-existing trails, such as Thompson Pack and Rotary.

The CCF’s trail crew has been working hard on regrading and brushing out the current trail system: Thompson Pack, Thompson Rotary, as well as the Sullivan Creek Trail – a 10.7 km trail starting at the 2 km marker and ending at the 8km marker on the Mount Thompson FSR. The Sullivan Creek Trail is a decommissioned logging road that provides excellent terrain for ambitious walkers who wish to complete Mt. Thompson from the very bottom, as well as an excellent climb trail for mountain bikers to access our proposed mountain bike trails. The Sullivan Creek Trail also provides access to our proposed hiking trails that spur off of it. These proposed hiking trails are currently undergoing trail construction (July 18th 2019). Proposed mountain bike trails are currently still undergoing paperwork, but we hope to begin to establish them soon with the help of Summit Cycles and Sports.

As of July 18th 2019, the trail crew have completed maintaining the Thompson Pack and Rotary trails (including two brand new bridges that cross Sullivan Creek), and have completed brushing out the Sullivan Creek Trail.

We are also looking for volunteers for prospective trail work bees within the upcoming weeks to help out our trail crew and to achieve our trail goals this summer.

For more information and to sign up, contact either Jerry Bauer at (250)-254-2537 or Daniel Gratton at (250)-402-8429

Working hard at the pulaski through a very rocky section on one of our new trails.

New lower bridge on the Thompson Pack Trail. Our trail supervisor and one of our 2019 summer students admiring their hard work.

Brendan, our 2019 summer student, testing out the handmade bridge.

Looking back at the pulaski work.