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2015 Spacing Project

We have recently completed a spacing project on one of our old cutblocks on Goat Mountain, logged in 2004. Approximately 21 hectares was treated. The favorable growing site had allowed for many seedlings to take off causing an excess of regenerating trees, which was in turn causing them to compete with one another. Spacing the block removed the excess trees, providing more sunshine and nutrients for the leave-trees. The increased space will allow for accelerated tree growth, ensure long term forest health, and promote strong, well-structured trees.  

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National Forest Week Field Trip

On September 24th, the Grade 5 students of the Creston, BC attended a field trip for National Forest Week, providing them with an opportunity to learn about the forest ecosystems and industry. The event was hosted by the Creston Community Forest; approximately 85 students were in attendance. The students moved through five stations which included a biodiversity hike, wildfire protection, compassing, wood cookie painting and tree identification.

The biodiversity hike provided students with insight as to why biodiversity is so important to an ecosystem. The hike had a creek crossing, a wide variety of plants and big, old cedar shells to stand in! The wildfire protection station allowed students to get the hands-on experience of fighting wildfire. The students used tools and equipment to put out a fire. The compassing exercise showed students the importance of mapping in the forests industry, allowing them to locate where they were and how they would get to the final destination. The wood cookie painting gave students an opportunity to get creative and paint a scene showing why forests are important to them. There were many great paintings which included camping, waterways, animals, logging and more. The tree identification station allowed students to learn about the different tree species in our area and how to differentiate them from one another. The day was completed with a hotdog lunch!  

National Forest Week Field Trip - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Tree Planting!

On June 5, Environment Day, the ARES grade 4 students attended a field trip. The students learned about the different tree species in the area, the important role of forestry in the community and why planting is a necessary part of the industry. The students then planted trees and attached name tags so that they may revisit the site and see how their trees are growing.     


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