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About Us

About Us Creston Valley


Healthy forests abundant with social, ecological and economic benefits.


To be outstanding stewards, managing forest resources for environmental sustainability and economic stability while providing education and recreation opportunities in the Creston Valley.


History of the Creston Community Forest
(Creston Valley Forest Corporation)

In January 1996, the government of British Columbia announced that a Forest Licence to harvest 15,000 m3 per year would be made available in areas adjacent to Creston. One of the areas to be opened for tenure included the Arrow Creek watershed. Timber harvesting within this drainage had always been a contentious issue since industrial logging last took place in 1972. As a response to local concerns, five Creston organizations submitted an application to the BC government for the license. The group was awarded a 15 year Non-Replaceable forest license in 1997 and formed the Creston Valley Forest Corporation.

In October 2008, the Community Forest was awarded a Probationary Community Forest Agreement (PCFA), which later transitioned into a 25 year community forest agreement. In 2016, the Creston Community Forest recieved an area expansion and increase to its Allowable Annual Cut, which is now at 25,000 m3/year.

The current shareholders include:

  •  Town of Creston
  •  Regional District of Central Kootenay
  •  Wildsight
  •  Erickson Community Association
  •  Trails for Creston Valley Society

A ten member Board of Directors governs the Community Forest (five from the community at large and one representing each shareholder). Our office is located at 121 Northwest Blvd., Creston, B.C. (in the Chamber of Commerce building)

The Corporation has two permanent employees, a Forest Manager and an Administrative clerk. The Community Forest contracts all other operational work such as logging and tree planting to local contractors.

Board of Directors

Shareholder Directors:
John Chisamore (Chair) - Regional District of Central Kootenay, Retired Teacher
Brian Churchill, Wildsight - Creston Valley, Registered Professional Biologist
Jim Elford - Town of Creston, Councilor
Brad Rae - Erickson Community Association, Gas Technician
Mary Jayne Blackmore - Trails for Creston Valley Society, Teacher 

Community Directors:
Jerry Bauer - Community Director, Registered Professional Forester 
Mervyn Syroteuk - Community Director, Retired Parks Canada Superintendent
Linda Wallace - Community Director, Retired Economic Development Officer
Gary Sommerfeld - Community Director, Retired Mechanic
Marc-Andre Beaucher - Community Director, Registered Professional Biologist


The Guiding Principles of the Creston Community Forest are to:

  • Provide a safe, healthy and rewarding work environment for its employees and contractors.
  • Adhere to the terms of our Community Forest Licence through required harvesting and silviculture.
  • Balance financial and environmental sustainability.
  • Provide Creston’s local mills with a wood supply source and support small businesses with value-added enterprises.
  • Provide local employment in forestry and silviculture.
  • Pursue effective and innovative biologically oriented solutions in forest health, including fuel management.
  • Foster community education and training in forestry, water management, biodiversity and forest recreation.
  • To provide recreational opportunities.


Management Objectives

Strategies to Achieve


  1. Utilize and manage forest resources for long-term community benefits.

Sustain or enhance the forest resources available on the Community Forest for:

  • Water
  • Timber
  • Fish and wildlife habitat
  • Recreation
  • Education
  • Soil
    • Air Quality

  • Consult with water users, trappers, public educators and recreationalists.
  • Complete an assessment of all the Domestic and Community watersheds located in the Community Forest.
  • Apply for Columbia Trust Basin (CBT) funding In order to carry out resource inventories.
  • Utilize LiDAR to provide an inventory of the Community Forest’s timber supply.
  • Deactivate old, unused road systems to reduce road maintenance costs.
  • Continue designating specific areas for hiking trails and forest education.
  • Consult with off-road vehicle clubs to maintain and enhance their trail infrastructure.
  • Limit the spread of invasive species.
  • Consult with the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society.
  • Provide an education program to reduce the refuse being left along forestry roads.
  • Explore alternatives to burning logging debris piles and/or greatly reduce the size of logging debris piles.

Provide and conserve the values in place on the Community Forest including:

  • Visual Quality Objectives (VQO)
  • Ecosystem-based plan for forest harvesting and stewardship
  • Biological diversity

  • Meet or exceed the strategies specified in the Kootenay Boundary Land Use Plan (KBLUP) and the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA).
  • Meet or exceed the Visual Quality Objectives established by the Government Actions Regulation for Kootenay Lake.
  • Abide by the Community Forest’s Forest Stewardship Plan and September 2015 Management Plan.
  • Develop strategies to reduce fuels through forest harvesting.


Management Objectives

Strategies to Achieve



  1. Utilize and manage forest resources for long-term community benefits.

Protect the Community Forest landbase and adjacent areas from catastrophic losses due to:

  • Forest fires
  • Insect and disease infestations

  • Secure funding through the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) to undertake interface fuel reduction.
  • Continue promoting the FireSmart program to private landowners and working with the Town of Creston.
  • Develop strategies to reduce fuels through forest harvest operations.
  • Monitor insect and disease activity and carry out appropriate control activities (i.e trap trees, baits).
  • Look at CBT funding for ungulate habitat enhancement.

Establish management zones for certain areas that will support ecological restoration for the enhancement of ungulate habitat.

  1. Operate the Community Forest as a viable forestry enterprise.

  • Harvest timber to provide revenue to finance the management of the Community Forest.
  • Retain earnings to cover future expenses associated with logging.
  • Continue to explore various funding opportunities for fuel mitigation and incremental forestry projects.

  • Harvest the Allowable Annual Cut of 25,000 m3/ year and calculate selling price over logging and hauling costs.
  • Sell logs within the Creston Valley to minimize trucking costs and support local mills.
  • Maintain an opportunity to sell outside of the Creston Valley to ensure competitive pricing.
  • Set up a reserve fund for future silviculture, road building and other costs.
  • Collaborate with the Town of Creston and the BC Community Forest Association to receive funding from the Union of BC Municipalities, Land Based Investment Strategy and the Forest Enhancement Society.


Management Objectives

Strategies to Achieve


  1. Educate the public on the Community Forest and the management of Creston’s forest resources.

  • Develop education programs for elementary and high school students in the Creston Valley.
  • Provide information to the general public.

  • Continue to provide field trips during National Forestry Week.
  • Submit written articles to the local media.
  • Monthly updates to our website.
  • Update company brochures.
  • Organize field trips for local public.

  1. Enhance partnerships with local First Nations.

  • Continue to establish a working relationship with the Lower Kootenay Band and the Ktunaxa Kinbasket.

  • Involve First Nations for fuel mitigation and spacing projects.

  1. Develop a timber harvesting schedule for the next 5-10 years.

  • Review timber types and age classes and the constraints over the Community Forest area.

  • Finalize plan currently being done.
  • Consider using LiDAR technology to greatly improve our knowledge of available timber.


Benefits of the Community Forest include:

- Creation of 10+ (full-time, part-time and summer) jobs during the year.

- Our largest customers over the years have included Wynndel Box and Lumber, JH Huscroft Ltd. and Hidden Valley Wood Fibre.

- We encourage other value added businesses through access to a secure log supply.

- We provide educational opportunities for local elementary and high school students.

- Donation of funds to local charities including some of the follwing: Creston Valley Thundercats, Tipi Camp, Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.

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