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Habitat Restoration Project!

CCF had the opportunity to participate in a habitat restoration project undertaken by Melissa Flint, coordinator of Wildsight's 'Know Your Watershed' program, which is designed to educate high school students on their local watersheds and the issues surrounding them. The project was done on Steve's Ride trail near Dead Horse Creek, an area that was once part of Crestbrook's mill. Having seen extensive disturbance, invasive plants has been able to thrive in the location. The purpose of the project was to plant native species hoping that they will eventually begin to overtake the invasive plants. Invasive plants are a problem for a variety of reasons, some of these being decreased biodiversity and alteration of the food web, both issues causing detrimental effects to the survival of the native wildlife. For more information on invasive species in the Creston Valley visit the following webpage: Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee



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