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Types of Trees

Types of Trees Creston Community Forest aerial photo

In the Creston region we have about 21 different species of trees. The trees are used to build all sorts of different things, such as houses, furniture, telephone poles, pencils and more! There are two different types of trees; coniferous (having cones and needles) and deciduous (having leaves). Now let's see how many different species you can identify.

  • Western HemlockWestern Hemlock
  • Black CottonwoodBlack Cottonwood
  • Douglas FirDouglas Fir
  • Grand FirGrand Fir
  • Lodgepole PineLodgepole Pine
  • Paper BirchPaper Birch
  • Ponderosa PinePonderosa Pine
  • SpruceSpruce
  • Western LarchWestern Larch
  • Western Red CedarWestern Red Cedar
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