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The Ladyslipper Trail

The Ladyslipper Trail View from The Lady Slipper Trail

The trailhead leaves the Goat Mountain Forest Service Road uphill through mixed forest with tall understory. Ascending through mature stands and past old veteran trees (now serving as wildlife condos), the understory opens to reveal coralroots, fungi and wildflowers. This area is home to the Ladyslipper, the trail’s namesake, in the mid-to-late spring. Here, the ground begins to level, hinting flirtatiously of Selkirk views on one side and revealing erratic boulders deposited by glaciers on the other. Passing through a floral meadow you climb to some of the greatest westward views available a short distance from downtown Creston. Cresting the summit will take you down a short trail to an Eastern viewpoint and excellent picnic location.

Trailhead Access from town: 30-40 minutes
Hiking Time (Return): 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours

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