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Summary of Trail Work Completed in 2022

By: Evans Daybell-Chambers, CCF Trail Worker

Besides normal trail maintenance work, the main objectives for the 2022 trail season were to widen the walking path on the Sullivan Creek Trail and build a new trail to Bonnie Lake. With the help of our summer trail crew, staff and volunteers, we are pleased to provide the following highlights and summary of work for 2022:

  1. The Rotary Trail has been fully regraded.
  2. Upgrades were made to portions of the West Ridge, Pack and Billy Goat Bluffs trails .
  3. New sign posts and trail markers were added to the West Ridge, Rotary and Sullivan Creek Connector trails.
  4. Footbridges were created for several small sections of washout along the Sullivan Creek Connector trail.
  5. A picnic table was refurbished and installed at the summit of the Lady Slipper trail.
  6. One 15 m bypass was built on the Sullivan Creek Connector trail to avoid steep inclines.
  7. Several benches were added to trails to expand the number of rest spots for hikers. 
  8. The walking path on the Sullivan Creek trail was widened substantially up to the 4 km marker, for a more enjoyable walking experience and easier access for snow shoeing in the Winter.
  9. A new trail down to Bonnie Lake was completed (1.4 km).                                                                                                                      All projects over the 2022 trail season were completed by our trail crew and volunteer workers. The crew was comprised of three full-time workers, Adam Mjolsness, Erich Endersby and Evans Daybell-Chambers. The three worked on the trails from May – August, when the need for additional crew members became apparent. In mid-August, Kole Fay was hired and by late-August the crew size had doubled with the welcome additions of Ashlyn Yanciw and Michael Herman.                                                                                                                                With the extra hands the crew was able to successfully finish off our major goals for the season, completing the work on the Sullivan Creek trail (up to 4 km) and the entirety of the Bonnie Lake trail. Credit for our successful summer must also be given to Jerry Davis, who helped the crew on several occasions; and Jerry Bauer, who outlined all of the work for the 2022 trail season and was instrumental in laying out the route on the Bonnie Lake trail. A special thanks is given to the hardworking volunteers that came out in late August, who were also a great help in finishing off the trail to Bonnie Lake.      

The completion of the Bonnie Lake trail has greatly enhanced the hiking opportunities and experience on Mt. Thompson with the alpine lake sure to be a very popular destination-hike and camp spot for locals and tourists alike.     


    2022 Trail Crew

    Sullivan Creek Trail After Being Expanded