Forest Recreation

Summary of Trail Work Completed in 2020

By: Jerry Bauer, CCF Director and head of Trails Committee


Besides normal trail maintenance work, the main objectives for 2020 were to build an extension to the West Ridge Trail (approximately 1.6 km) and to connect the Pack and Sullivan Creek trails with a short connecting trail (about 600 m) across Sullivan Creek.   With the help of our summer trail crew, our summer students, staff and volunteers; I am pleased to provide the following highlights and summary of work for 2020:

  1. Updated trail map of all the trails maintained by the Creston Community Forest.
  2. Updated detailed map of trail system on Mt Thompson including trails built this summer.
  3. Sanded and restrained the trail bench on the Rotary Trail.
  4. New rack card of Billy Goat Bluffs trail including a detailed description and map of the trail.
  5. Short bypass (160 m) built in the Fuel Mitigation Block to avoid a steep section (this was done with input from the Creston Valley Horse Association).
  6. Two bypasses built to avoid steep sections on Billy Goat Bluffs trail (160 m and 360 m); this was done in response to feedback from trail users.
  7. New footbridge (6.5 m) installed over Sullivan Creek on the Sullivan Creek Trail. Bridge was moved slightly downstream to allow room for horses to safely ford the creek. 
  8. New footbridge installed at km 3.4 on the Pack Trail in April.
  9. Flew in picnic tables, bench and fire ring to Gliders’ Point on the West Ridge Trail (tables and fire ring provided by Recreation Sites and Trails BC).
  10. Assisted the Trails for Creston Valley Society with installing a memorial bench on Billy Goat Bluffs trail.
  11. A trail counter (provided by Recreation Sites and Trails BC) was used on the Billy Goat Bluffs trail in mid-summer; moved to the Sullivan Creek Trail in August.
  12. Completed the West Ridge Extension (1.6 km) in late July. This moved the lower trail head of the West Ridge Trail to approximately km 1.3 on the Sullivan Creek Trail. This provides a more direct hike to Gliders’ Point.  Work of the trail crew was supplemented by two work bees that built about 500 m of trail.
  13. Installed new trail bench on the West Ridge Trail (about half way to Gliders’ Point).
  14. Installed outhouse at the Mt Thompson Campsite.
  15. Installed new trail bench just below the Mt Thompson Campsite on the West Ridge Trail.
  16. Completed the Sullivan Creek Connector between the Pack and Sullivan Creek trails including the installation of a 15 m foot bridge across Sullivan Creek (built on site from a single spruce tree)
  17. Seasonal trail maintenance (mainly cutting out blowdown) was completed on all trails as snow conditions permitted this spring. Some trails were done twice due to windstorms and ongoing blow down.  

All projects and work as outlined in the 2020 work plan including work proposed in 2019 for the Mt Thompson Project were competed except for the minor improvement to the short spur road into the Mt Thompson Campsite.  Volunteer time for the summer including two work bees totaled 402 hours. 

The completion of the West Ridge Extension and the Sullivan Creek Connector has greatly enhanced the hiking opportunities and experience on the lower half of Mt Thompson with Gliders’ Point now being a favoured destination.   The hiking experience has also been enhanced by the opportunity to use different trails to reach and return from this location (loop hikes).   


    Replacement Bridge constructed on the Pack Trail

    The new Sullivan Creek Bridge – Constructed by Jerry Bauer, Greg Perry, Dave Wigen and Bob MacDonald

    Memorial Bench installed by CCF and the Trails for Creston Valley Society along the Billy Goat Bluffs Trail

    Picnic table air lifted to Glider’s Point overlook